LAN Messenger: Convenience and Functionality

Many employers and businessmen are always on the lookout for secure and convenient types of communication. The majority choose, but most importantly, they stop looking after that because they’re completely satisfied. LAN messenger is known for its convenience and great functionality. 

Easy Installation & Use

The first good thing about LAN messenger is that it’s easy to install it and it’s just as easy to use it. In fact, even those who face difficulties in getting used to new systems will figure it out instantly as this type of messenger is built on the simplest notions.

First, all you have to do is download the LAN messenger. That’s it, you’re a LAN user. The small window will open right away, as soon as the process of download is over. There, you’ll see the available categories written in bold, such as General, where you’ll find some personal settings. You’ll also see other users and to group them, you’ll just have to click on their names. All settings have pretty detailed explanations, so you just have to read them and then decide whether you want to activate some function or not.

Absolute Security

One of the best functions of LAN messenger is the complete security it provides. Working within a local area network, the messenger is cut off from the outside, meaning that it doesn’t require an Internet connection. Consequently, it means that outside threats such as viruses and hacking attempts don’t exist in this network and they can’t endanger your business communication. There is also absolute messaging security as every message is automatically encrypted.

Different Types of Messaging

Another great aspect of showing the LAN messenger’s functionality is the various types of messaging it offers. In particular, you can use these communication methods.

  • Individual and group conversations;
  • Group messaging;
  • Offline messaging.

You can have one-on-one conversations with other employees by clicking on their names and initiating a chat. In addition, you can participate in group conversations. LAN messenger provides all local users with this function, so it doesn’t matter if they’re from different departments. They’ll still be able to communicate.

Offline messaging is a convenient way of sending the info to a user who’s offline. The message is stored within the LAN system itself, meaning that no one can intercept it, and it’s delivered the moment the recipient logs back in. The messenger is convenient in use and it offers numerous useful functions that will make your life easier.