Corporate Instant Messenger: Full Administrative Control over Chat Participants

The reason why many businessmen choose a corporate instant messenger on is the completely safe way of communication it provides. LAN is the common type of corporate IM as it comes with the set of its own advantages. It has access restrictions, meaning that no one from the outside will be able to endanger your business correspondence. Working within the local area network, corporate IM and LAN in particular offer the users a convenient options of chats, and there are several ways in which the CEO can establish an administrative control over chat participants to make sure that the working process is efficient:

  • Disallowing users to change their chat names;
  • Blocking specific people from participating in chats;
  • Reviewing chat content;
  • Limiting users’ chat-editing functions.

Restricting Chat Names Changes

Some users might choose to hide themselves behind nicknames. While it is perfectly fine in informal settings, business environment requires the imposition of certain formal rules. LAN corporate IM allows the CEO to forbid the users to change their names. This way, it will be immediately obvious who is sending what messages and if a chat with a specific person is needed, finding him or her will take a second only.

Also, it’s possible to forbid the users to rename other chat members to avoid pranks that could slow the working process.

Blocking People from Participating in Chats

Another function that the Admin can use allows restricting access of some users to chats. For example, if one of the employees keeps sending irrelevant or intrusive messages, it’s possible to stop them by cancelling their chat access through Admin Parameters. It’s also possible to prevent some users from inviting others to chat rooms, to make sure that only specific people can access it.

Reviewing Chat Content

Admin rights allow the CEO to review chat history as all messages exchanged by the employees are stored within the LAN corporate IM system. With this function, it’s possible to control the level of productivity and personal contributions of each of chat participants.

Editing Chat-Access Functions

The admin can decide what users should have which rights. For example, the heads of departments can be allowed to add users into chat rooms and to remove them. Other employees can be restricted from doing so, which can be helpful in case of conflicts.

Also, LAN corporate IM allows the CEO to control other functions of chat participants, such as emojis usage. If some participants clutter the chat with numerous irrelevant emojis, it’s easy to block this function.   

There are many useful ways that can be used by the CEO to establish the control over business chats and their participants. The access to various functions can be limited individually, depending on the type of employee and their rank, and all chat information can be reviewed to determine whether everyone is contributing to discussion. Thus, LAN corporate IM provides an excellent administrative control over all functions chat participants might have.